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Buyer's Resource

Buying or selling a home can be a complicated, stressful time for many people who worry that so many things could go wrong–the loan could fall through, the house may not pass inspection, a buyer may suddenly pull out their bid, and so on.

For anyone wanting to buy a home in Grand Junction, Barb Hecht is the ultimate real estate agent and guide have on their side.  Unlike other agents who only care about getting their commission fee regardless of how satisfied their clients are with the transaction, Barb cares about her clients and works tirelessly to ensure everything is on track according to schedules and appointments established during the transaction.

As a longtime resident of Grand Junction, Barb stays on top of the most up-to-date and relevant information about the city and neighboring areas. If you are thinking about relocating to Grand Junction and want to learn details about Grand Junction, Barb is the one to go to for information about schools, employment opportunities, shopping, things do to  and year around climate patterns.

For people interested in buying a home, Barb excels at:

  • Recommending lenders, helping with loan applications and acting as a mediator between you and a lender
  • Having immediate access to the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) and arranging showings at your convenience.
  • Helping you narrow a search for a new Grand Junction home by providing you with details about houses that fit the description of your dream home
  • Negotiating on your behalf if you want to make an offer on a property

Seller's Resource

Trying to sell a home in Grand Junction without the assistance of a real estate agent as energetic and insightful as Barb Hecht is like getting a tooth pulled–stressful, painful and it will leave you saddled with a long recovery time!

Just a few of the many, varied things Barb can help you with when you are selling a home include:

  • Having a deep understanding of the housing market so that you can get the right price for your home
  • Filling out and submitting the correct paperwork to avoid delays or extra expenses
  • Devoting her time to all aspects of a completed sale–marketing and showing the home, giving timely responses to emails and calls about the home and ensuring no potential opportunities for selling your home are overlooked.
  • Getting your home sold within a desired time frame–if there’s one thing Barb knows, that’s how to find a buyer to get your home sold for the price you want!
  • Staying right with you the way through the process of selling your home from time it is listed on the MLS until closing is completed.
  • Recommend that repairs or specific cosmetic work be done to your home to expedite a sale
  • Resolving issues that may arise even after closing is finished

In addition, Barb can provide updated information about the real estate marketplace, prices of homes, the latest financing regulations and if any changes to the asking prices of competing properties has occurred while your home is listed as “for sale” on the MLS.

Barb will also help you analyze and evaluate a buyer’s proposal so that your marketing position remains strong and uncompromised. In fact, the initial agreement between a seller and buyer is just the beginning of appraisals, financing strategies, mandatory inspections and other procedures that could potential delay the process of selling your home. You can prevent that from happening by letting Barb Hecht work in you and your family’s best interests.