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Should You Get a Home Inspection?

By July 22, 2014No Comments

Home inspections really are a necessity today, and this is true whether you are buying a home or selling the property. Even though the house might look great from the outside, most people realize that the veneer is just that, a front to the home. There may also be some hidden problems with the home that you would not be able to find on your own. The home inspector can. When you are talking about a sale or purchase of something as large as a piece of property, you can’t neglect the importance of having an inspection.


Let’s look at some of the benefits that each party in the sale can gain from using a home inspector.


Benefits for the Buyer


The buyer will have the peace of mind in knowing that he or she is purchasing a property that is free of defects and flaws that could cost them substantially down the road. People like to make informed decisions about buying, and this holds doubly true with homes and other property.


The home inspection will reveal any issues that might be present on the property, so the buyer will know what needs repairing or replacement. This can factor into the amount that they are willing to offer for the property. It can be a good bargaining tool for those who want to get a better price. In some cases, the current homeowner will agree to fix the problem before selling. If they agree to that, it’s important to have the inspector return just to make sure that they made those changes.


Benefits for the Seller


Sellers have some benefits as well. It lets them know the areas of the home that need work before they sell. They can take care of these and then increase their chance of selling the property. Knowing the issues and taking care of them eliminates the issues that might cause someone to pass on the property.



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