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Cultivate an Attitude of Abundance

By May 16, 2015No Comments

People with an attitude of abundance tend to be more successful than their scarcity-thinking peers

Many people have a scarcity mentality; that is, they feel that there’s not enough to go around for everyone. As a result, they’re stingy with sharing their contacts, grumble when they have to share recognition and let’s not even talk about money. People with a scarcity mentality are so protective over what is theirs (or what they perceive as theirs) that they’re unable to see the benefits of abundance.  Conversely, people with an abundance mentality are willing to share their contacts and resources with others. They’re the lovecats who are the first ones to connect people with others who can help them reach their dreams. As a result, people gravitate toward them and are eager to work with them. Here’s how to develop a mindset of abundance:

Rethink your mindset. If you’re a scarcity thinker, it’s possible to change your mindset. While it may take practice, with a little help you’ll be able to change your thoughts for the better.
• Feed your brain the positive stuff. What you put in your brain impacts your outlook, so be sure to feed it the good stuff. Avoid gossip and other negativity and seek out positive books, articles, websites and people.
• Find a mantra. It may sound cheesy, but mantras are a great way to reinforce positive thoughts. Find a good one and repeat it every day, especially when you’re feeling a bit negative.

Express gratitude. People with abundance mentalities are quick to express appreciation to those who have helped them. After all, everyone wants to feel appreciated. Whether someone has helped you or has contributed to your success, write a note of thanks.  To maintain an attitude of abundance, keep a gratitude journal and write down three things you’re thankful for each and every day. Not only will it help you cultivate an attitude of abundance, it’ll also make you happier.

Surround yourself with positive people. You’re a reflection of the people who you spend your time with, so be sure to spend more time with positive people.








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