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Easy Home Decor Ideas for Under $5—or Free!

By December 16, 2015No Comments
Home decor doesn't need to be expensive.

The Nesting Place

Decorating your home shouldn’t require cashing in a 401(k). In fact, many of the items you need to jazz up your oh-so-humble abode may already be in your home, or bought for a few bucks at your local yard sale. From there, all it takes is some creativity and a willingness to take a few risks, says Myquillyn Smith—aka the “The Nester” and author of “The Nesting Place: It Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect to Be Beautiful.”

Here are a few of her budget-friendly ideas to get your own gears turning.

Duct tape wallpaper

Here’s some unorthodox use of white duct tape to decorate the wall. It’s like instant wallpaper without all the fuss!

Thought you knew everything that duct tape could do? Think again.

The Nesting Place

Duct tape can make great wall decor, really!

Tree stumps turned into tables

Dried out stumps can make great tables, painted or left as is (top sanded, of course). Before bringing them into your home, try to make sure all the bugs are out first by storing them for a few months in a dry place such as your garage.

You’ll be stumped by these fantastic (and free) tables.

The Nesting Place

Instant drapes

Want drapes in a flash without too much fuss (or cash)? Fold and place raw fabric into drapery clip rings, which hang on a curtain rod—no sewing required.

No-fuss drapes

The Nesting Place

No-fuss drapes

Fur-lined ottoman

Take one yard-sale ottoman, then add a swath of fake fur. Adhere them together with hot glue, and you’ve got one sassy footstool!

Ottoman before the makeover

The Nesting Place

Ottomon pre-makeover
Ottoman after the makeover

The Nesting Place

Mix-and-match furniture

This small nightstand and tall mirror were bought at two different stores. Paint them the same color, and they go great together.

Nightstand and mirror before the makeover

The Nesting Place

Nightstand and mirror after the makeover

The Nesting Place

Chest and mirror post-makeover.

From books to party garlands

This book page garland was created as a temporary party decoration, but it became such a favorite it stayed up for two years.

Pages from an old book make up this party garland.

The Nesting Place

This party garland made out of the pages in an old book.



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