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Where are people moving?


People never sit still these days: Whether it’s due to a new job, new romance, or desire for a change of scenery, Americans have acquired a serious case of homeownership wanderlust. Moving has become the new normal. Only where? Well, two new surveys by moving companies traced our migration patterns last year to pinpoint places settlers are flocking to—and fleeing—in droves.

So which state is the most popular destination? According to data from both United Van Lines and Atlas, Oregon tops the charts. United determined that this Northwestern state experienced a 69% influx of movers, and has ranked as the top state to move to for the past three years.

Anyone who’s ever watched “Portlandia” knows Portland is a hipster mecca overflowing with pour-over coffee, craft beers, and artisanal everything. But the statewide appeal for homeownership goes far beyond that (mostly true) stereotype.

According to a United press release quoting Michael Stoll, professor and chair of the Department of Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles, Oregon is the nexus of a triumvirate of attractive elements: tech jobs, green space, and cheap cost of living. The latter, however, is spiraling upward quickly as this area’s popularity grows.

“This year’s data reflects longer-term trends of people moving to the Pacific West, where cities such as Portland and Seattle are seeing the combination of a boom in the technology and creative marketing industry, as well as a growing ‘want’ for outdoor activity and green space,” Stoll explained.

Other states experiencing a heavy influx of settlers include Idaho, North Carolina, Alaska, and North Dakota. Meanwhile, states that are getting ditched left and right include Hawaii, New York, Illinois, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

Wanna see where your state stacks up on the popularity scale? Check out the full results below, with the top number representing outbound moves and the bottom number inbound.

Moving trends, with outbound moves (top) and inbound (bottom)

Atlas Van Lines

Moving trends, with outbound moves (top) and inbound (bottom)



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