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What Is the Western Slope Like?

By October 21, 2014No Comments

The Western Slope of Colorado includes the portion west of the Continental divide. It is different in terms of climate and population from the Front Slope, that portion of the state to the east of the Continental divide.

Some of the more famous cities you may have heard of in the area include Telluride, Grand Junction, Durango and many other destinations, which are particularly popular with tourists. While this area does not have the same density of population as the Front Slope, it is growing rapidly. The easy to live in cities, beautiful scenery and the abundant outdoor activities make it an ideal part of the state for people who really want to experience the best of what Colorado has to offer in the outdoors.

There are many different areas in this region that are very popular with tourists. For example, Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park is a very popular tourist destination. Dinosaur National Monument is another.

There are many ski destinations located in the Western Slope region, as well. In fact, living in this area is a great idea for people who love to get out on the slopes. Aspen and Vail are both part of this region.

The Western Slope offers a different Colorado experience than the Front Slope. The lower population means that it’s not as urban, but it is very popular and becoming more so. There is a nice mix of people, there are plenty of cities to visit but nothing on the scale of Denver. For people who like to get out in the great outdoors and explore what Colorado has to offer, there are really few better choices. Grand Junction separates the region into north and south areas and provides a very central location to explore and enjoy what the Western Slope offers in both regions.

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