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Avoiding Making Hasty Decisions about Real Estate

By September 22, 2014No Comments

Consider a scenario that many people have probably had happen to them. You have some type of a vague pain and your brain goes into full alert mode, turning that pain into an indication of some horrible disease. You go to a doctor, find out what’s going on, and the pain suddenly subsides.


This is sort of what goes on when people make impulse decisions about buying things. These impulse decisions can include buying anything from a pack of gum in the grocery store line to a house that is way too big and expensive for the buyer. There are ways you can identify whether or not you are falling prey to the forces that cause people to make impulse purchases.


As Psychology Today points out, part of impulse buying has to do with comforting yourself when your brain is sending you alarm signals. Where real estate is concerned, those alarm signals may be coming from the fact that you’ve figured out that you are not happy with your home and you must replace it. Your brain may be telling you that you have to replace it right now; something is wrong, something needs to be fixed.


Rather than listening to your overly alarmed brain, consider using your realtor’s brain. Good realtors conduct many home purchases and sales every year. They know what you might be going through as far as feeling as if you have to jump on a house right away, or somebody will take it away from you or something else will happen.


In fact, good realtors specialize in helping people avoid making hasty decisions about housing. If you feel like you’re rushing into a purchase, let your realtor know. Your realtor will want to know what you’re concerned about and they can use that information to find you houses that might be more suitable, ensuring that you get what you want rather than getting into a deal based on an impulse.

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